Last update: 2021-10-15

Hi 👋 My name is Han, Dongkyu.

I live in South Korea 🇰🇷 and I’m a student at UNIST. I currently major in Computer Science & Engineering.

Puzzle Life

I have always been obsessed with puzzles and recreational mathematics.

Korean Puzzle Party (KPP)

I’m one of the founding members of Korean Puzzle Party (KPP). At KPP, we are meeting once every two months to share the mechanical puzzles we’ve collected. (Sadly due to the current situation, we are postponing the meetings indefinitely.)

Mechanical puzzle collection

I’m collecting mechanical puzzles since 2013. I currently own over 200 mechanical puzzles, and the collection is still growing.


I designed some geometry/math puzzles. I’m also attempting to design some mechanical puzzles recently.

Featured geometry puzzles

Castling and Librarian's Nightmare were also featured in Alex Bellos's Monday Puzzle corner of The Guardian. Link

Featured math puzzles

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